Step into an immersive escape room game during the Shift business festival! The Finnish escape game innovator Cryptic Cargo offers all participants the opportunity to experience an exciting five-minute escape game called Lumorium free of charge on site during the festival. The game provides a great and memorable experience, and playing it can offer an effective break to the mayhem of the festival day. Why not even come and try the game with new business associates? The game is played in a group of 1-4 people and there will be a prize for the best group at the fair!

Cryptic Cargo makes any event unforgettable by bringing its award-winning portable escape room games right where you are! The games are developed and built in Finland and they combine physical objects and digital technology to create an unforgettable and immersive escape room experience. Cryptic Cargo’s exciting portable escape room games are suitable for any group size from just a couple of people to several hundreds, and they can be set up in any space and location.

Escape room games are puzzle games based on logical problem solving, where players step into the role of an action hero to solve an exciting mystery. At Cryptic Cargo, you can find high-quality options for every occasion, from team building to big events, or even for a trade fair stand to attract visitors. Game time per group is 5-180 min depending on the game, and group size 4-400+. Come and try it out, and learn more!