Egbert Schram

CEO, Hofstede Insights

Egbert Schram acts as the Group CEO of Hofstede Insights, a global cultural advisory, advising individuals, organisations, and governments on the impact of culture on work life. His background as a forester enables him to always bring multiple perspectives into questions regarding organisational design: A short term pragmatic view and a long term strategic view.

At SHIFT 2020, Egbert will talk about how to build a resilient organisational culture. Lots of discussions have been held on making organisations “future-proof” or “VUCA-proof” and about individuals needing to show resilience. But how do you actually build an organisational culture which thrives on resilience and adaptability?

This speech provides a data-driven, no-nonsense approach to culture and its impact on building a business that can last.

Read Egbert Schram’s text People matter, results count at SHIFT Blog.


SHIFT’s climate partner Chooose has agreed to offset the speaker’s CO2 emissions for six months, including their participation to SHIFT 2020.