Eero Lundén

Founder, Lundén Architecture Company, Architect SAFA

Eero Lundén is the founder and director of Lundén Architecture Ltd. The company is focusing on the development and innovation of the built environment, architecture, and urbanism. Lately, they have been dealing with large-scale urban transformation projects, new innovative sustainable structures, zero carbon master plans, and exploring new public building typologies.

Eero has obtained two Master of Science degrees from his studies at Oulu University in Finland and at Columbia University in New York, USA. He has acted as the curator and architect of the Nordic pavilion in Venice Biennale and the office’s work has been exhibited in various museums in Europe and USA.

Eero is an active lecturer both in Finland and abroad and is currently teaching at Aalto University in the Urban Design program and Advanced Building Design Studio. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the recipient of the Reima Pietilä Prize.

Lundén Architecture Company has been awarded in various architectural competitions in Finland and Europe. Currently, the office is working on a 25,000 m2 wooden educational building in Tartu, Estonia, a wooden hotel in Kuopio, Finland and a large 300,000 m2 master plan in Turku, Finland.

Topic: Future of Science Parks

The new development of the Kupittaa district and the Turku Science Park will transform the entire area and create an active centre for innovation. Bringing together diverse learning spaces, new types of workspaces and housing, a new centre is formed around the urban Taito campus. It will be an open learning space and resource for the entire community. The new district will also act as a hub for smart mobility and create a framework for a sustainable and future-oriented city.