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CSO, Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd.

Dr. Yoram Levanon works as a CSO (Chief Science Officer) in Beyond Verbal Communications Ltd, a world leader of Emotion Analytics and vocal biomarkers. They have developed technology that can not only understand the clicks, typed texts, speech or touch, but also how they feel and what they mean. This is a fruitful result of 21 years of research in emotions analytics.
Dr. Levanon has been instrumental in using voice and decision making models in the development process of technology that can detect specific voice features and distortions indicating several diseases. His work has been validated with leading institutes like CAD with Mayo Clinic, Autism with Weitzman institute, and Neuro diseases with Hassadh Hospital. He holds multiple degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Operations research. Needless to say, multidisciplinary studies and implementations are his forte.
He harnesses his experience to create the infrastructure of the Emotions Analytics field, where physical models of brain and voice and decision making (emotional and rational) models are used.

In 1995, Dr. Levanon, and neuropsychologist Dr. Lan Lossos started trying to understand how babies, who do not understand a single word, are able to figure out exactly what their caretakers feel toward them. Together, Beyond Verbal’s research team gradually unveiled the vocal patterns that carry our emotions and decoded the human intonation mechanism, thus giving birth to the new field of Emotions Analytics, and the definition for it – “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”.

At SHIFT, Levanon will be demonstrating these achievements in practice on Main Stage in a Demo: Using Voice & AI to revolutionize Emotions Understanding, Well-Being & Healthcare, as part of the Emotionally Intelligent Machines track.