DJ Anttipiootti/Antti Yli-Halla

A young, multitalented DJ from the indie scene of Turku, DJ Anttipiootti aka Antti Yli-Halla explores the middle ground between indie, pop, and electronic music. A familiar face from the DJ booths of numerous clubs in Turku, he also actively does shows in other cities in Finland.

Instagram: Anttipiootti

DJ Matias Lukander

DJ Matias Lukander is a name you can trust when it comes to eclectic tunes of everything soulful – rare disco, boogie, world music, house, and more. Matias is known for his exceptionally diverse sets and crowd-hooking atmospheres.

The rare rhythm played with talent, soul, and a proper vibe.

Instagram: Matias Lukander


DJ SuperSakari

DJ SuperSakari is a Turku nightlife regular with a summery daytime set. Catchy grooves from all over the world spanning countless styles and many decades.

Instagram: DJSuperSakari