CEO, PlatypusNeuro

Dr. David Bach is a Harvard-trained neuroscientist, physician and serial entrepreneur who previously founded and built three highly successful healthcare technology companies.

He currently serves as CEO of PlatypusNeuro, a San Diego-based NeuroPerformance company that translates cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries into practical tools and programs that enhance human performance. PlatypusNeuro’s clients include many of the world’s most elite performers including professional athletes, CEOs, and hedge fund managers.

In addition to his professional expertise as a neuroscientist, Dr. Bach spent more than a decade upgrading his own brain using a rigorous scientific approach. As such, he has a deep, personal passion about how neuroscience can be used in a practical way to optimize human performance and the human experience.

David Bach will talk about Future of Human-Machine Interface on Kesäteatteri Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 29th. Check out the timetable!