Chief Executive Officer, Halo Neuroscience



Dr. Daniel Chao is the CEO of Halo Neuroscience, the first company to develop innovations to improve brain performance that can amplify movement-based learning. He played a vital role in the company’s pioneer product, the Halo Sport, the first neurostimulation system built distinctively to aid and accelerate movement-based training, common in sports, military, music professionals and stroke rehabilitation. In an interview with Forbes magazine, Daniel states that, founding the company was driven by the key motive of building non-invasive neuro devices.

His previous roles include: Head of Business Development at NeuroPace Inc, a company specializing in neuromedical devices, where he played a central role in developing the treatment for epilepsy. Prior to that, Daniel worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Stanford School of Medicine, where he received his M.S and M.D.

Daniel will lead the demo in the Amplified Humans track.

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