Anupam Kundu

RealValue, Co-founder / CEO

Anupam is the co-founder / CEO of RealValue, an AI-powered decisions platform to increase engagement and boost conversions for global brick and mortar businesses.

With a background in computer systems and operations management, Anupam has been fortunate to spend the last 20+ years accelerating growth through digital transformation initiatives, for companies like Google, Ericsson, Ooyala, Credit-Suisse, Fidelity, UNICEF and more across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Drawing upon his experiences across various sectors and inspired by an executive course on AI and business strategy at MIT, Anupam is now transforming brick and mortar experiences with the help of computer vision.

Anupam’s presentation will focus on how AI can enable the Digitalization of Physical spaces to create better experiences. Kesäteatteri Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 29th. Check out the timetable!

During the event, RealValue opens up their GAME algorithm as an API for the SHIFT attendees! Find out more here!