Antti Niemi

Head of Agile, Gofore

Antti Niemi is an agile-minded coach, thinker, and author. Head of Agile and podcast host at Gofore by day and coach by night. Antti’s mission is to help people to live a fuller and less stressful life, have a better work & life balance, and have just sopivasti whatever one desires. (“Just sopivasti” is Finnish for “just the right amount of”, and also the name of Antti’s blog.)

At SHIFT 2020, Antti focuses on work-wellbeing: We aim for a better future, but how do we take care of people who are doing it?

Read Antti Niemi’s text The Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Working (During Covid-19) at SHIFT Blog.


SHIFT’s climate partner Chooose has agreed to offset the speaker’s CO2 emissions for six months, including their participation to SHIFT 2020.