Takaisin esiintyjiin



Annika Dahlsten is a visual artist and an art advisor. Her practice includes mediums such as animation, printmaking, photography, and video. Sometimes she gives her works a three dimensional form, whether it’d be live or still image. Annika’s works have been exhibited in Finland, Belgium, Great Britain, Scandinavian and Baltic countries. As regional artist at Arts Promotion Centre Taike, she makes new ways of artistic expertise visible and promotes the development of mediating activities.

Annika is a member of the board at the newly opened Taiteen Talo arts center in Turku and a member of the board at the  Women in Film and Television Finland organization. In the future, Annika will be teaching at the Turku University of Applied Sciences Master School.

At SHIFT Annika participates in a panel Mind SHIFT – innovation skills for the future.