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Aku Varamäki is a workday designer on a mission to design better workdays, careers, and employee experiences at Workday Designers Oy. Workday Designers Oy is a design agency for working life where they help people and organizations in the transformation of work. At Workday Designers Oy they develop a people-oriented working life through design.

Aku herself is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and change agent specializing in applying design thinking processes and methods to improving work life. Aku is also author of “Future Proof – tulevaisuuden työkirja”. Aku has the ability to get people involved even on major change projects by listening to people and showing opportunities. She has experience especially in the strategic development of social media and business development as a consultant and entrepreneur.

At SHIFT Aku will be joining a fireside chat about how to reconnect in the digital era.