Get your company an unfair competitive advantage

The story of Sofokus started with a one man’s dream in 2000 to create digital services that matter. During these 20 years, Sofokus has worked with hundreds of aspiring brands ranging from multinational corporations to startups. The one thing common with each of these clients has been the goal of producing measurable added value.

Sofokus designs business platform economy with their clients in such a way that it creates an unfair competitive advantage, often even disrupting the entire market in the client’s favor. The backbone of Sofokus’ modern business concepts consists of innovative cloud based solutions.

Sofokus was listed among the 2500 fastest growing companies of Europe in 2018 and in 2019. European Business Awards 2019 also named Sofokus the best company in Finland in the category Workplace and People Development.

Sofokus currently employs around 40 people in its offices at Turku and Helsinki. In the future, Sofokus aspires to grow even further by becoming international.


At SHIFT 2020, Sofokus will host a workshop: Boost Your Digital Maturity Through Collaboration in 2021