PLUKT Nordic Tea

PLŪKT is a premium tea brand for well-being, aesthetics, and authentic moments. Tea is hand-picked from certified-organic wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe.

PLŪKT team believes that one can grow big from any place in the world, as today their organic teas are exported to 20 countries around the Globe. By introducing the world to herbal teas from the wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe they proudly call themselves the pioneers of Nordic tea culture. From hand-picked herbs to biodegradable plant-based tea bags, PLŪKT is an environmentally-conscious and socially responsible brand. Brand’s actions preserve the great biodiversity and provide additional opportunities to people in rural areas. PLŪKT is the first to serve theine-free Nordic Black tea made from locally-sourced herbs and to offer tea in plant-based and biodegradable tea bags. Enjoy the most sustainable tea time out there!