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City of Turku

Turku is a boldly renewing city that provides conditions for good life and shared successes. By creating conditions for the citizens and companies to utilise data, the city enables economically, socially and environmentally sustainable growth that supports well-being.


Smart & Wise Turku
Booth number C40

Presentations will be held at City of Turku’s booth at the expo hall in Virbela.

Tuesday 27 October
10:00–10:30 Welcome to SHIFT and the booth of Smart & Wise Turku (EN)
10:30–11:30 The Director of Smart & Wise Turku Tapio Järvenpää is at the booth to discuss the project (EN)
11:30–13:00 Project manager Jakke Mäkelä is at the booth to tell about Åbot, the multilingual coronavirus advice bot of the city (EN)
13:00–15:00 Project Managers Juha Pulmuranta and Teemu Peltonen are at the booth to talk about New Parking Solutions & Services in Turku (FI)
15:15–16:30 Project Manager Liisa Lahti and Project Worker Lotte Suveri are at the booth with a video on Climate Panel and lots of experice in the concrete Climate Work of the city (FI)
16:30–17:30 Special Adviser Outi Laikko and Project Coordinator Maija Rusanen from ILPO project are at the booth to discuss Companies and Circular Economy Hubs as a part of Climate Work (FI)
17:30–18:30 Come and get to know Smart & Wise Turku project (EN)

Wednesday 28 October
10:00–11:00 Principal designer Arvi Leino is at the booth to share views on Open Data (FI)
11:00–12:00 Project Manager Jani Voutilainen is at the booth to discuss the topic of Risk  Management in Uncertain Times (EN)
12:00–13:00 Development Manager Tarja Vuorinen paints a picture of our Turku as a Future Smart City (EN)
13:00–14:00 Technical Project Manager Ville Eemilä and Project Worker Alma Honkanen are at the booth to present a video of Varaamo Service, which gathers all reservable services into one place in the city (FI)
14:00–15:00 Project Lead Katariina Hilke is available to discuss 3D City Model with a brand new video on the topic (FI)
15:00–16:00 Project Manager Eero Tervo is at the booth to discuss the project regarding Smart Building (EN)
16:00–17:00 Welcome to our booth to meet the Turku Citizen Dasboard Hackathon Finalists and see their video pitches! Discuss the process with Project Manager Anna-Kaisa Berisha and Expert Katri Honkonen (EN)
17:15– Hackathon Award Ceremony is held at Futures Stage! Representing City of Turku is the Head of Strategy and Development Rami Savila (EN)

The language in the bracets EN/FI refers to the possible extra material (Power Point, video etc.) presented by the expert(s) at the booth. At all times there is staff members who speak English available at the booth.