The guests of the most-most-talked-about business event of 2016, SHIFT Business Festival, were facing some serious jail time. One of the most notorious prisons in Finland was a home to entrepreneurs, business people and investors on the 31st of May, 2016. Read more about it below!

So, what is this heinous crime that call for such a drastic measure? The answer is simple: they have chosen to break free from their daily routine and come to SHIFT.

Attending SHIFT can seriously disrupt the very foundations of society. Coming to SHIFT on a mass scale may, for example, cause rapid increase in the level of economic activity, boosting such measures as employment rate and GDP. Who on earth would like all of this to happen?

Because SHIFTers are clearly guilty of building a better future to all of us, the organizers are throwing all of them in jail – to have the most epic party of the year!

Once a home to the most infamous criminals in Finland, the Kakola Prison is transformed into a Party Palace. The SHIFTers can hear smooth tunes from live bands and banging beats from deejays, network with each other while enjoying a warm summer evening, dance in a jail cell, and have intimate conversations at the courtyard.

And, worry not. If somebody gets ‘shanked’ at this prison, it will happen because of mutual consent.

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