Kiss my Turku teamed up with SHIFT Business Festival to show the dawn of a new age in fundraising, as came up with a new exciting way to raise funds for the Southwest Finland’s child patients in Turku’s Children’s Hospital.

Portions of Kiss My Turku-charity horse were being sold, ranging from local companies, and organizations to groups of mates and private persons alike. One portion costs 300€ and there are no others costs the investor has to worry about. This new idea of fundraising is also transformable, making it a great base for future ideas.

The idea of fundraising this way has something same with SHIFT, in the sense that SHIFT is also making a better future.

Upon buying a portion of Kiss My Turku (yes, that’s her name), the investor participated in a one of a kind experience as they followed up-close the adventures of this highly promising young racer’s life. They were also informed every two weeks about the mare’s wellbeing and training in a shareholder exclusive newsletter.

Part of the money was spent on the horse’s well-being and training, whereas the majority (about 70%) of the profits, including the numerous prizes the horse will win in future races, will be donated to the Turku’s Children’s Hospital. At this moment, they have gathered a whopping 8710 euros!

Kiss my Turku truly represents the new era of fundraising and what we see now is only a glimpse of what is yet to come.

Interested to know more? Click this link! For more information, be sure to check out for more information and check out this video too! (video is in Finnish)