#TurkuAwakens event uniting more than 100 companies from Turku will come again 


The idea of the #turkuawakens community got its start with companies’ desire to make Turku a considerably bigger player in Finland’s IT scene than it currently is. Turku has its share of good hype and the region draws the interest of big actors. By focusing on goal-oriented cooperation between companies, we can significantly increase business in the region. 

Our goal is to create such a strong culture of cooperation that we can keep all of the extraordinary talent we have in Turku, channel even bigger projects here and improve Turku’s competitiveness as well as create a clear IT brand for Turku as a whole. 


Home to almost 100 companies – and growing 


The intention is not to displace the current networks and actors in the region, but to create mutually supportive operations. No one of us alone can channel international projects of the kind of magnitude we have in mind, but together we are capable of it. As a community #turkuawakens better serve our customers, compared to the customer having to seek out every actor on their own. When the region grows, everyone benefits. 



Qalmari, SHIFT and Turku Science Park Oy are organizing this year’s #turkuawakens event together. #turkuawakens is full of interesting speeches, workshops, and networking. The keynote speaker for the event is Peter Sarlin, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Silo AI.  Come join us to network and together we solve the challenges facing the IT industry in Turku and lift the expertise found in the city to the world stage!  


13.4.THURSDAY 16-20 at SparkUp Turku Tykistökatu 4, TURKU

The event is open to everyone and free of charge but we ask for pre-registrations. Registration: https://www.lyyti.in/Turku_Awakens

You can also follow #turkuawakens LinkedIn page where you will find all the latest news.

Qalmari SHIFT and Turku Science Park Oy are organizing the event.