SHIFT highlights future-readiness at SuomiAreena


SHIFT is hosting a future and growth oriented panel discussion at this year’s SuomiAreena. Friday the 30th of June at SuomiAreena is dedicated to entrepreneurship related themes, and SHIFT is bringing serial entrepreneurs, investors and community builders on stage to discuss future proofing businesses and creating responsible growth.

SuomiAreena is the largest societal discussion festival in Finland, promoting the opportunity for every Finn to participate in the debate on social, economic and political issues. This year SHIFT will be facilitating the discussion on future-proof business, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth. 

SuomiAreena’s idea is to help people create a vision for what Finland and the world should be like in the future. We at SHIFT share this future-oriented mindset and find it elemental to bring also the business sector into the public discussion” comments SHIFT CEO Jutta Ruusunen. “In the end, sustainable growth is everyone’s business“, she continues. 

In line with this year’s main theme, SHIFT is hosting a panel with the title “MAKE YOUR FUTURE – how to make your business future-proof”. Four entrepreneurs, investors and community builders from around Finland will take the stage, hosted by Jutta Ruusunen.


Nina Erkkilä, project coordinator at Tribe Tampere
Anssi Kiviranta, serial entrepreneur (e.g. BO Lkv, Videobot), investor and author
Nea Harjanne, CEO at Kiuas Helsinki
Lauri Kokkila, partner, board professional at Inventure 

The event is free to attend and the panel will be held in Finnish.  

You can now watch the whole panel here!