A couple of weeks ago, SHIFT partners gathered to Ruissalon Telakka to get to know the venue, as well as share best practices to each other on how to get the best out of participating to business events as brands . The discussion was facilitated by Netprofile, a leading technology-focused public relations and communications agency in Finland. Sharing is caring – here are top-notch advices on how to maximize the business value from the events!

1. Slow down. Having a fast service is what we normally value but in the events slowing down might just be the thing you need. If you have a popcorn machine by your stand, don’t let people just catch one without even looking at your way. Take your time, chat a little while preparing it for them and leave a long-lasting personal impact.

2.  Line in front of your stand is a good thing! If you have the popcorn machine, let people in queue fold their own popcorn boxes! You’re creating your own networking corner, where no one gets bored.

3. Create experiences for all senses. How far away you can smell the popcorn? Using all the senses is a perfect way to make people fall in love with you before your sales representative says a word.

4. Take advantage of every phone and social media account attendees have. Everyone has a social media account. Make sure they are stopping at your spot, taking a picture with the popcorn boxes and posting it with your tags. 

5. Before – During – After. Prepare your followers to the event on social media and make your presence at events known. Don’t forget to show what you did on the event during and after. #Throwbacks work as a way to lift up the memories!

6. Remember to follow up. It’s easy to forget the basics. Following up is easier when you have unique moments like the crazy popcorn party to remind people about.

7. “Don’t shout louder, shout differently”. Like in all dating, business Tinder is no different. Be you. If the popcorn machine is not your thing, do something else!