SHIFT returns to the Former Prison of Kakola


SHIFT returns to the Former Prison of Kakola


This year, the visitors of SHIFT Business Festival can spend the night at the venue, Hotel Kakola. The concept provides an engaging and experience-full event while respecting the COVID-19 preventative measures.


What do you get when combining a business festival and a hotel?
An innovation retreat.
Gathering restrictions have hit the event industry hard, and there’s no sign of an end to it. At the same time, hotels are battling low visitor numbers, especially on weekdays, as business travel has practically dwindled down to nothing. SHIFT Business Festival and Kakola Company decided to join forces in the sticky situation.


The Festival Headquarters of 2021 is at Hotel Kakola, a former prison. No longer the home of locked doors and hampered dreams, for two days in August, SHIFT turns Kakola into the Nordic epicenter of technology, insight, and co-creation of future business. SHIFT and Kakola Company go way back: SHIFT’s after parties were held at Kakola already in 2016 when it still was mainly a construction site. In 2018 the full two-day event was held in the premises – still representing more a prison than a hotel to-be.


“This year, we’ll take the Kakola-experience to a new level: Executive Pass holders can stay the night at the hotel and deep-dive into SHIFT. We have always been more than just a business event. We’re now creating an opportunity for an immersive experience, and an innovation retreat, so to say,” says Sini Toivonen, CEO of SHIFT Events.


“This year, we’re creating the opportunity for an immersive experience, and an innovation retreat, so to say.”


Choose your level of engagement

The festival venue is mainly built outdoors in the yard to accommodate a corona-safe open-air environment with enough space for safety distances. The level of your engagement to the experience depends on the ticket you choose:


Connect from wherever you are to the discussions you wish
SHIFT Pass offers you a two-day festival experience on-site or online. In case of any restrictions regarding the number of people attending on-site events, SHIFT Passes will be turned into online tickets first.


Experience two days of SHIFT, rest your brain home in between
Executive Pass holders get to enjoy the same on-site and online treats as SHIFT Pass holders. In addition to this, they are prioritised for the on-site festival experience in case of restrictions. However, our attendees’ safety is our top priority. If the number of people attending on-site events is limited to the minimum, also Executive Passes will be turned into online tickets.


Stay overnight and immerse yourself to SHIFT
Executive Pass holders can book accommodation at Hotel Kakola and attend an innovation retreat of two days – or longer if you choose to come early or check out the day after. Leave the world behind and deep dive into inspiration. In case of very strict restrictions, you will still have your room and the shared isolated experience with festival attendees in the 143 other rooms.


Leave the world behind and deep dive into inspiration.


“SHIFT 2021 will engage and facilitate. The aim is to facilitate immersion into the newest innovations and create a strong and energizing experience for both visitors and creators,” says Elsa Ervasti, curator of the stage program and event experience in 2021.


SHIFT Business Festival brings together people and ideas. We invite growth and change-oriented businesses to set their eyes on the future and to challenge the status quo. The next festival is held 25-26 August 2021.