SHIFT is looking for emerging artists


SHIFT is looking for emerging artists
– submit your application by 30 April 2021


Art has been an integral part of SHIFT from the first beginning. Art surprises us, inspires us, or finds a new way of stating the obvious. It provokes thoughts, moves us, or relaxes our senses. And these are only a few reasons why we adore it.

We are now looking for visual artists starting out their career to form the spine of the Art Program of SHIFT 2021. SHIFT 2021 gathers together 1000+ visitors nationally and internationally, and we are thrilled to lift new talents to this international stage.


We are thrilled to lift new talents to the spotlight at SHIFT.


In 2021 our program focuses on technology, food, and circularity of goods, and we hope to find art that somehow relates to these topics. The festival is held 25-26 August at Hotel Kakola and the surrounding areas, or fully virtually if the COVID-19 situation demands so.

It could be anything visual – video, light, painting, sculpture, installation, and so on. We are most interested in why a piece is done and what is the idea behind it. We hope to build a thought-provoking, interactive, and inspiring art program, which opens a dialogue between the SHIFT attendees.


We are especially looking for:
Art that works both on-site and virtually
Large and preferably weather-proof installations (that are suitable for outdoors)
Environmental Art
Art pieces with AI/new technology/recycled materials

If you feel like your art would be a great fit for SHIFT 2021 please send your offer via this form by 30 April 2021.
Should you have any questions in mind before submitting your offer, please contact


We look forward to hearing, seeing, and experiencing your art!