Elisa is building the biggest 5G network in the Nordics

The biggest 5G network in the Nordics is being built in Turku. Elisa and the City of Turku are collaborating in order to make Turku as one of the world’s leading intelligent cities. The goal is not just a day dream. Earlier this year Turku was already nominated among the top 10 of the most intelligent cities in the world.

Collaboration is also part of the city’s key project Smart and Wise that combines the local goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2029 and the smart city concept. The more practical goal that citizens can experience is to provide better services and better practical implementations among the first in the world. The first practical implementations can already be tested in the first 5G coffee shops like Wiklund.

The first tests are made at the city’s administration offices but the real value of 5G will play a bigger role when plans like robot busses need to be tested and supervised. Read more about the collaboration and Smart and Wise Goals in Finnish from Techradar.