The symbol for effective cooperation and good team spirit, the ‘Together we are strong’ award, was given for the joint JCI-project SHIFT 2016 by JCI Finland Area A.

 The effectiveness of SHIFT got a shining recognition in the form of a trophy. “This has been an exemplary project where one truly sees the impact and result of well functioning cooperation.” says Janne Puurunen, Director, Area A or JCI Finland. As the leader of district A, he had the honor, in cooperation with the 23 JCI chairs, to choose and award the joint forces that resulted in The SHIFT.

This dream slowly formed into a plan, and through hard work it concretized into a unique business festival. Enhancing regional opportunities and business life in general are part of JCI’s core strategies, and the positive impact of the Shift project has been far greater than expected. “JCIs’ have a number of projects run by one chamber only, but at SHIFT the regional chambers were brought together.” Puurunen explains. “Having more resources lead to a bigger and more successful event, which would not have been possible without cooperation”, he continues. SHIFT project truly embraces the title of the award.

SHIFT is about not being afraid of what the future brings, but to instead actively shape it and better oneself through conscious actions and development. In order for the project to stay true to that idea, the creator JCIs made arrangements for a registered association that would allow SHIFT to go further in its own way, instead of being tied to the JCIs. “From the beginning, SHIFT was created so that it would live on, and not be a fleeting shooting star”, Puurunen explains. “The fact that there was such a will to make SHIFT happen again, indicates the success of the first event.”

SHIFT project has provided a wondrous learning environment for volunteers and other active participants. It has also been a learning point for the JCIs to now let the project evolve and continue its life on its own. What could be a better way of encouraging others to be brave and fearlessly look to the future than living by the words oneself?

SHIFT’s New Year’s resolution is to “make a shift by making the SHIFT”.

Involved chapters: Airiston NuorkauppakamariAurajoen NuorkauppakamariRaisio-Naantalin Nuorkauppakamari and Turun Nuorkauppakamari.