We live in a fast-paced economic environment, where change is inevitable. But what does it take to succeed in such a changing climate?

What is the best strategy? Go with the flow? Stick with the old habits? One thing is for sure, too many companies believe that standing still and sticking with the same strategy is the safest choice. That, however, might not be the most convenient decision.

Why do we approach change with such a negative attitude? Because change is challenging. It forces us to re-evaluate everything we have and jump into something new and unknown. And that can be very intimidating and feel overwhelming. What we often forget is that from change comes new openings for innovation.

The greatest innovations come from the curiosity to solve a problem and think across the borders. Take the flying machine for example, which Da Vinci invented already during the Renaissance. He took inspiration from another species, the wing of a bird, for his invention. Decades later in 1903, the Wright Brothers realized this idea and took the first flight in human history. Great innovations can also come in the form of simple things – like the fork (Which the royals of Turku Castle brought to Finland in the 16th century, by the way!).

Here are some tips how to adapt to change:

1. Learn that changes and problems are necessary and an unavoidable part of life. Shifting your mindset to see change as a catalyst for new opportunities, will save you from tons of headache.

2. You don’t have to be alone in your head. Look for how other people and companies have adapted to change. Do your homework, talk to people and exchange ideas to remove as much uncertainty as you can.

3. Approach change as a process – not an immediate event. In that way change will feel less intimidating. Instead of making drastic decisions, aim for long term goals.

4. Understand what you can control. Be ahead and prevent problems before they arise. Everything else, let it live and things will often fall into place.

5. Stay curious and open-minded, you never know when a new opportunity arises. Curiosity also cultivates creativity.

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