Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

– Dorothy Day


Well, guess what Dororthy…SHIFT provides you with both! Quench your intellectual thirst with our Program and hop on to the food trucks waiting to quench your literal thirst with ice cold drinks! I mean, with this “scorching” summer heat there’s no reason not to grab a cold one, and in the spirit of SHIFT, share one with someone! Also, fill up on some yummy food from different cooking styles and experience the flavours explode into a performance on your palate!


There will be specific dishes that you can get using food coupons. So do check those out!


Also: G = gluten free, L = lactose free, M = dairy free, S = soyfree.


Get ready for delicious and healthy food from these ‘masters of the culinary arts’*:

Thai Papaya

Thai Papaya’s ideology is to provide a real taste experience with food made out of the best ingredients by a professional chef to guarantee the authentic Thai-taste. Healthy, nutrient-rich and tasty fast food is now reality and always high quality. Packed with flavor and as fast as fast-food regardless of whether it’s ordered from a Papaya restaurant or food truck.



Phad Thai Phak – Fried rice noodles with vegetables, minced nuts, lime, chili L,G,M, Vegan – 11€

Phad Thai Kai – Fried rice noodles with chicken, vegetables, minced nuts, lime, chili L,G,M – 13€

Kaeng Panang Kai – Panang curry with chicken and rice, fresh coriander, lime, chili L,G,M – 13€

Kaeng Hunglay Muu – Northern Thai pork stew with rice, fresh coriander, lime, chili  L,G,M – 13€

Combo Plate – Chicken and pork with rice, fresh coriander, lime, chili – 15€

Fruit Stick – watermelon and pineapple – 4€

Soda and Water – 3€


With Food Coupon:

Pad Thai vegetable (L, G)

Fisu & Ranet

Fisu & Ranet has been the food truck to go to for the greatest Fish’n Chips experience since 2013. The high quality ingredients and sauces are carefully selected and prepared to the point of tasteful perfection. The crispy fries are made from Finnish potatoes, the crispy fish comes from MSC-codfish and is finalized with their own remoulade sauce, citron and malt vinegar. It’s gluten and dairy free! (G, M)


With Food Coupon:

Fish’n’chips (G, M)

Shams Falafel

Shams Falafel is run by refugees that prepare organic falafels and vegan dishes. The idea was to make an organic, ecological and ethical falafel. Supported by Osuuskunta Kehrä and in cooperation with StartUp Refugees, Shams Falafel is off on the growth path. It’s already employing 8 refugees and planning to grow from Turku to Helsinki.



Portion includes two falafels, one bean falafel, one beef falafel, rice, hrobse (arabian bread), two different salads and three different sauces.



Egyptian rice-lentil stew with salsa and chickpea sauce, two kinds of salad and onion side dish.


With Food Coupon:

Falafel (veg, G, L) or Koshary (veg, G, L, S) -without bread


Kakolanruusu is a restaurant in one of the most unique environments in Finland – the old Kakola prison. The restaurant opened in May 2017 in the old administration wing of the prison. It will serve its customers here until Christmas 2018, before moving to its permanent location inside the stone walls in May 2019.


Kakolanruusu serves its guests in three dining halls, a bar and a courtyard terrace.

The menu consists of simple but delicious dishes that are served to be shared. Seasonal products and local producers are respected. Their exciting and alternating menu will serve entrées, main courses, and a dessert to remember. For true foodies they are offering a special menu – Kakola Feasts.



Drinks will be served in a laid-back fashion with recommendations from the bartender or the sommelier. A beer can also be a sophisticated drink – even in a jug!

A prison invitation has never sounded as good as this: Welcome to Kakola!


With Food Coupon:


Sugarsalted grilled salmon or grilled halloum cheese.

Every meal includes grilled spring potatoes and yoghurt sauce


Kakolanruusu is founded by the same merry group that is behind Kaskis, the first Finnish restaurant outside Helsinki with a recommendation in the Michelin Guide.


The Finnish organic ice cream is made out of clean and ethical ingredients – without the chemistry-load. Taste it, and you’ll know how ice cream should taste like and what you have been living without. There are also vegan options available.



Treffi Pub & Bistro grills the food on open fire. The legendary Treff’s Road Burger gets its taste from an old beer tank turned into a monster grill. The crazy fun, super fast and sexy crew has it’s best interest in keeping the line short and not letting anyone go hungry. Jokes and rock music are guaranteed.



Treffi on the road burger 12€ (L) (ask for gluten free option)

Treffi Vegan burger 12€ (VE) (ask for gluten free option)

Smoked bacon 3€

With double steak 320g 5€

Soda & Water 3€


With Food Coupon:

Meat and Vegetable burgers (L)

*This is our (totally personal) unbiased point-of-view!