“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

Well, guess what Dorothy… SHIFT provides you with both! Quench your intellectual thirst with our program and hop in to the food court waiting to quench your literal thirst with ice cold drinks!


Food coupons at Food court, money at Pizzeria Al Mare

At the food court area you can find delicious street food options and enjoy the festival atmosphere.
Please note: At the food court you can only pay with food coupons (á 12€). You can purchase the food coupons from any bar marked on the festival area map.

In the pier area Pizzeria Al Mare serves premium quality pizzas and a wide selection of Italian wines and exported beers.
Please note: Pizzeria Al Mare accepts only cash and credit cards, not food or drink coupons.


So how do I buy food at SHIFT..?

Food Court: With food coupon that are sold in all three bars marked on the festival area map.
Pizzeria Al Mare: With real money. No food or drink coupons accepted.


G = Gluten free
L = Lactose free
M = Dairy free
VE = Vegan
S = Soy free


Get ready for delicious and healthy food from these ‘masters of the culinary arts’

Pizzeria al Mare Pizzeria
RIPAUS Mexican style food
VoiVeljet Burgers


You can feel Matglad’s presence in the form of flavours and smells. With their catering service, they will answer their clients’ bigger and smaller needs offering personal and unique service. Matglad is a local catering company from the archipelago.

Besides catering, their service includes venues, menus and serving to ensure your party looks like yours. In short, to enjoy the party – and life!


Pizzeria al Mare

Tavern by the sea! Pizzeria al Mare is a tavern type summer pizzeria. Enjoy delicious Neapolitan gourmet pizza right by the water.

All portions from al Mare menu are available during the SHIFT event. You can check the menu and prices from here!


Hi! We’re a catering company called Ripaus, which means a touch, pinch, hint or a bit. The idea behind that is to do everything at least slightly better than every one else.  Besides catering at different kind of functions around Turku we also do have a slightly better café at the Turku art museum.

Visit our webpage for more information!

At the SHIFT we’ll serve you some Mexican style food. We’re gonna prepare two different portions of delicious tacos either with pulled pork or beans.


VoiVeljet is happy to be at your service, whether it is time to celebrate something or you are arranging a meeting for your business associates. Six excellent restaurants plus two private restaurants in the best locations in the city are ready to meet your needs in everyday situations as well as special occasions. VoiVeljet Catering offers delicious food for all kinds of events and occasions, up to 1000 guests. We always use high-quality and seasonal ingredients and, whenever possible, utilize the services of local producers.

Contact us for more information!

Miss Klose

Miss Klose BBQ makes authentic barbecue low and slow style handcrafted from high-quality ingredients smoked on oak.
More information here!