Food from the future

The food will be carried out in the spirit of Food & Fun with professional chefs from Turku as well as with visiting talents from Helsinki, Paris and Reykjavik. The food will be served in Puustelli Minus’s pop up kitchen, its furniture has been manufactured with ecological and 100% recyclable materials. The theme of the food will be future, this can be seen in the raw materials and in the cooking process.

Half of the dishes are vegan on Turku based vegetarian restaurant Kuori’s owner’s Marjaana Pohjola’s menu. Vegetarian food served at Kuori has heavy influences from Asia, Middle-East and North-African cuisines – using, however, ingredients from the nearby environment. Some of the dishes are also gluten and wheat free.

A bakery from Turku called Gryn will bake a bread selection to the SHIFT participants from organic ingredients. The cultivation products of future are visible in the starter dough baked products. The head-chef Jarno Seppä of the Voiveljet, who will bring his own taste world with his two signature dishes, is also representing Turku. Seppä has been the head-chef of Smör for 7 years and from the beginning of this year the head-chef of Voiveljet.

Finnjävel’s head-chef, the chef of the year 2015 Ismo Sipeläinen will be serving ceviche from local fish and energy neutral Kotipelto’s garden herbs from Uusikaupunki. “It has been a pleasure to do cooperation with the partners and more than anything it has been fun working with ingredients that have a different origin. The new kind of growing methods, such as zero energy production, are visible in cooking because energy saving will be maximized throughout the whole process.” says Sipeläinen.

Ismo Sipeläinen, Finnjävel

Ismo Sipeläinen, Head chef of Finnjävel

Bjarni Siguroli Jakobsson

Bjarni Siguroli Jakobsson

Bjarni Siguroli Jakobsson, the 2012 cook of the year in Iceland and the captain of the Culinary Olympics chef team, is working on new restaurant concepts and spending the summer at an Icelandic salmon river as a private head chef. Jacobson brings Icelandic seaweed from the cold and clean Atlantic Ocean to go with his dishes.

The dishes use fresh and locally grown ingredients and the focus is on new and futuristic crops such as buckwheat, quinoa and broad beans.

1000 and 1 nights in a glass

Food & Fun will build a cocktail bar with drinks made by visiting bartenders. The theme is a combination of the prison environment and the Kakola yard theme, 1000 and one nights.

Food & Fun is bringing bartenders from Paris, Steve Guven and a representative of the Icebreaker collective, Icelandic Jóhann B. Jónasson. Guven and Jónasson have in collaboration with Leó Ólaffson planned a drink list that fits well with the Kakola theme.

Guven has worked with Tony Coniglarion and joined Zetter Townhouses team in 2012 and eventually ended up leading Seymours Parlor in 2016. Now he is opening a new Le Fou bar in Paris. Jónasson is head bartender in the Frediks Ale house in Reykjavik. He won the Nordic Tropic cocktail competition in 2016 and was the Icelandic representative in the Stoli Elit Art of Martini competition.

Ólafsson visited Turku in 2016 to join Food & Fun in Tiirikkala. He takes part in the planning, but stays in Iceland to compete in the World Class competition qualifications.

Jóhann B. Jónasson

Jóhann B. Jónasson, Icebreaker collective

Mauno catering

The official SHIFT food & beverage provider is Mauno Catering, a well-known local restaurant and catering company founded four years ago by two young entrepreneurs.

During the SHIFT 2017 we’ll serve you at our Mauno Summer Bar & Kitchen pop-up restaurant.

The expertise and experience that comes from careful planning, delicious tastes and running all kinds of happenings has seen us acquire an enviable reputation for quality catering services.

Our way of caring is known as #maunolife; attitude + attention to detail mean that we do our best to ensure and secure the success of every single event which we are entrusted.

Get in touch with Mauno Catering when you need a reliable partner to help you organise your memorable event! For more information see or contact Commercial Director Janne Tienpää, tel. +358 44 2064161 or


Foodora brings good food into your everyday - and is a proud partner to The Shift. There is a Foodora pick-up point in the Co-Working tent next to the main gate - you can order your festival dish from any restaurant and have it delivered to you at SHIFT.

Foodora was launched in Germany in October 2014 and merged with Delivery Hero in September 2015. The on-demand delivery service connects high-quality restaurants and foodies in over 53 cities worldwide and is changing the way food is experienced globally.

Through the foodora website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their address and view a curated list of restaurants serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place the order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodora’s secure platform. The order is then prepared by the restaurant and picked up by the foodora courier. The environmentally friendly bicycle delivery takes an average of 8 minutes from the time the meal is ready to your doorbell ringing.