At SHIFT sustainability is the new normal! We want our festival to leave as little impact on nature as possible.

In building the festival and after party areas SHIFT is collaborating with partners like Ekotori, to use recycled materials. Naturally SHIFT is recycling its own waste and encouraging you to do the same! Electricity used is produced by renewable energy sources.



The choice to make between delicious food providers is difficult at the SHIFT. Nevertheless the aim is both on yummy and environmental-friendly food, serving local and seasonal ingredients.


SHIFT encourages collaborators and visitors to think outside the box with sustainable branding: we have banned flyers and roll-ups from the venue challenging the visitors find new ways.


Our location is fantastic! It is really easy to arrive to the venue by bike or by public transport Föli, Turku Region Public Transport.


In 2017 SHIFT was awarded with the EcoCompass certificate for exemplary actions towards sustainable event organization, and we aren’t going to stop here. SHIFT is always looking for ways to improve, so if you have an idea to make SHIFT even better or you are interested in collaboration, please contact Kaisa Pöllänen