Enjoy SHIFT responsibly

SHIFT is collaborating with Hope Fund to make sure that everyone can take action and enjoy SHIFT responsibly. The collaboration offers SHIFT partners and visitors a possibility to compensate for their traveling emissions by investing in Hope Fund. The fund helps those suffering most from the impacts of climate change by helping to adapt to it. Click to the Hope Fund’s website to calculate how much or little you should invest for planting trees.

SHIFT-Hope Fund Compensation calculator

What are the conscious choices SHIFT makes?

Events are a fun way to spread ideas and kick start business seasons, but they also require moving objects from one place to another and people between continents. It requires some critical and conscious choices to protect the environment when organizing an event like SHIFT that aims to shape a better future through intelligent business and deep technology.


Most of the venue decorations are either borrowed or handmade from recycled materials. For the 2019 event we were for example collecting paint leftovers. We also favor sustainable partner booths and advice our partners not to bring any unnecessary flyers. Also, our food providers are committed to avoid disposable plastics and serve the food from biodegradable dishes. In other words, we don’t recycle only during the two event days.


SHIFT is all about public transport! We have never build parking space from scratch to the visitors, instead we help and encourage visitors to use SHIFT busses and public transport. The venue can be easily reached for example by busses and bike. It’s good for you and the environment!


SHIFT 2019 program brings forward sustainability and sustainable choices in the manufacturing industry, where the waste amount differs a lot from the consumer level. The rapid growth of consumption of natural resources is causing a negative environmental and social impact. In the manufacturing industry, future competitiveness requires responsibility in minimizing the environmental load.

The industrial circular economy needs new technologies to become a real world-saving business, but new technologies can also alleviate the climates change in other fields of business. Keynote speakers Mirva Antila and Joanna Bryson cover how to be sustainable and profitable at the same time. Join them!