Takaisin esiintyjiin


Grow on me for a second. Beep with me.

The Tuumori is a performance based on a wearable textile sculpture. In the performance the sculpture wanders amidst people offering an opportunity to become temporarily a part of it. It has a protrusion that you can put on your head to connect with it. In the encounter two people grow together in the midst of continuous beeping.

As the name suggests, Tuumori is a tumor. It’s a huge, pink and fleshy frankenstein-like figure made from used plushtoys. Perhaps it’s the next stage of evolution: a completely new organ that is in constant connection with social media. Originally formed as a tool of togetherness it paradoxically acts as its own worst distraction.

Tuumori has no predetermined way for interacting with the work. If you want, you can have a brief moment of shared soft connection – that is if you’re able to close your ears from the constant sounds emanating from the sculpture itself.

Harri Piispanen is a Helsinki based visual and performance artist and producer. Graduated from Aalto University’s Environmental Art master program in 2014 his earlier studies consist of material-based art. Currently working with a wide range of materials and mediums Piispanen revolves his practice around the creation of objects and their consequent use in performance.