Sonja Lahtinen

Research & Insight Manager, Co-founders Postdoctoral Researcher, Tampere University

Dr. Sonja Lahtinen is a research and insight manager at Co-founders, and a postdoctoral researcher at Tampere University, and an expert on the role of companies in addressing some of the world’s most serious evolving challenges.

Sonja is deeply passionate about helping companies to become more sustainable, intelligent, and profitable in the long-term. For her, this calls for a paradigm shift in the current business models. Interwoven with her academic work, she consults companies, cities, and other organizations in addressing sustainability, so they spend less time reacting to the changes in their environment and more time co-creating a positive systemic impact.

When unprecedented developments change the world as we know it, old ways of doing business become obsolete. At SHIFT 2020, Sonja will discuss sustainable business models as a way for companies to move beyond legal compliance, eco-efficiency, sustainability reporting, and other incremental intentions that are still dominating the sustainability rhetoric and practice in business today.

Sonja brings the worlds of strategy and sustainability together and argues that through redesigning their business models for sustainability, companies can leverage their core business and the scale advantages it offers to bring real sustainability transitions forward.

Read Sonja Lahtinen’s text The Quest for Sustainable Business Models at SHIFT Blog.


SHIFT’s climate partner Chooose has agreed to offset the speaker’s CO2 emissions for six months, including their participation to SHIFT 2020.