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Cancelled: John Kelleher

Academic Leader, Technological University Dublin

Due to unfortunate conditions, Mr. Kelleher has had to cancel his speaking engagement at SHIFT 2021. We apologies for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation.


John Kelleher works as a Professor and Academic Leader at Technological University Dublin. As part of his extensive academic career, John has published three books on Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Data Science, and Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics.

Artificial Intelligence has become a pervasive technology in modern societies. Naturally, this has resulted in questions being raised regarding the ethical use of AI. However, a relatively understudied aspect of modern AI is the relationship between AI and the environment. AI has the potential to help our societies become move environmentally sustainable, but modern AI, and in particular large Deep Learning models trained with powerful computers using massive datasets, have a direct environmental cost.

At SHIFT 2021, John will discuss the environmental cost of modern AI practices and describe some of the ongoing research that is attempting to make AI more environmentally sustainable.

Finnish editions of Data Science and Deep Learning have been published by Terra Cognita.