Sunborn is a 40 year old, privately owned company based in Turku, Finland. We have decades of experience in the hospitality sector. At the moment, Sunborn is present in Finland, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Gibraltar. Our operations vary from spa resorts and residential communities to hotels, restaurants, catering operations and event production.

In Finland, Sunborn is known as the pioneer of spa development – the flagship hotel Naantali Spa, founded in 1984, just won the title “Finland’s Best Hotel” at the 2019 World Travel Awards. Internationally Sunborn is renowned as the forerunner of a unique approach to exclusive hotel accommodation – the super yacht hotel, first of which was built in 1998. Continuous innovation and high quality have indeed become the hallmarks of the company, extending to every aspect of our work from restaurant kitchens to concert arenas. We are happy to welcome you to experience the world of Sunborn!