The 8th SHIFT Business Festival invites guests to make their future


This year’s SHIFT Business Festival will be held on 23-24 August in Turku, Finland. The festival venue is Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki and its surroundings in the heart of Turku Science Park at Kupittaa. The fast-developing competence and business hub of the Kupittaa area also supports the event’s main idea of actively making the future together.


Joki at the center of the event 

The center of the event, Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki, offers an innovative and increasingly international business environment for a diversity of companies. “As such, it really offers an excellent environment for meeting and creating new business contacts,” describes Jutta Ruusunen, CEO of SHIFT Events Oy.

The Kupittaa area is, in fact, a rather familiar site to the SHIFT crew – this is where SHIFT’s office has been located since the beginning. “We have been particularly well-placed to follow the rapid development of the Kupittaa area. The area is not only interesting, but it also offers limitless opportunities. It’s really exciting to actually bring the festival to the companies, technology innovators, and researchers’ home field” Ruusunen points out and invites all Kupittaa actors to participate in making the SHIFT happen as a joint venture.


The future is a hot topic   

The theme of the year – make your future – is based on the idea that the future is not just happening to us, but it can be made to happen for us. The theme will be discussed from three perspectives: the future readiness of companies and professionals, responsible growth, and disruptive technologies. “Every year we think about what issues are being discussed right now, but also what emerging challenges or trends we could bring to the limelight so that we can be prepared for them and even benefit from them,” Ruusunen explains, and continues that the SHIFT Business Festival 2023 will address issues such as business foresight, social responsibility, and diversity, as well as technologies that accelerate and bring about change. 


Connections at the heart of SHIFT 

Networking and meeting people are important at the SHIFT Business Festival. Creating connections will be the focus of the event again this year. “We want every festival visitor to leave with new perspectives, ideas, and contacts. An inspiring, creative environment helps achieve this, as well as effective matchmaking. We will have art, music, experiences, matchmaking, and of course the legendary after-party,” Ruusunen promises. 


SHIFT Business Festival 23.-24.8.2023, Turku, Finland

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