Redefining the next normal Podcast


The first episode of SHIFT Podcast is out!
Redefine the next normal with Henri Alén & Lauri Reuter


The SHIFT community has a thing or two to say about the future – now also in a podcast! For the next six months, we will upload fresh food for thought once a month.




Episode 1: Redefine the next normal of food with Henri Alén and Lauri Reuter

Food plays a central role in everyone’s daily life. However, the number of people defining the new trends of what we eat and how our food is produced is quite limited. Henri Alén, a successful chef & influencer, and Lauri Reuter, former researcher, current food tech VC investor, are some of these people.

In the first episode of Redefining the Next Normal Podcast, Henri & Lauri talk about food as work, food production, food tech ventures, and our planet’s future through the food industry lenses. Tune in and enjoy 55 minutes of sweet food talk. The piloting season is for our Finnish followers only – thank you for your understanding.

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Episode 2: Redefine the next normal of work with Helene Auramo & Nina Karlsson
To be released in May.

Episode 3, June 2021: Redefine the next normal of digital hearts with Teemu Malinen & Elias Aalto
To be released in June.



The podcast is hosted by Petri Hollmén and sponsored by Lyyti. We thank Bonfire Agency for the professional production.