Mia Santala is the new Head of Sales of SHIFT

SHIFT Business Festival’s team is getting a new member in mid-April, as Mia Santala takes the position of Head of Sales. Santala has a long career in sales, having started her first sales job at the age of 14. She has studied Legal Management and held previous positions as Sales Manager. Santala started in the SHIFT team after Sini Toivonen left to pursue new challenges in the capital region.


“SHIFT has been my dream since I visited the festival for the first time a couple of years ago”, Santala says and continues, “The location then, Turku Castle, was beyond special and created a unique atmosphere for the event. I have never experienced that in any other business-related event before.” When the opportunity presented itself to join the SHIFT team, Santala didn’t hesitate a minute.


In addition to the memorable feel at the festival in 2017, Santala stands behind SHIFT’s vision: increasing the productivity of businesses and taking sustainability into consideration are not mutually exclusive. “By introducing more intelligent methods and using new technologies, we can create business that is both profitable and environmentally friendly. I want to be a part of bringing this option to businesses, not only in Turku, but also nationally and internationally”, Santala summarizes her thoughts.


In 2019, SHIFT Business Festival focuses on business intelligence through the theme of Shapeshifting Intelligence. The future perspectives of intelligence and its uses in businesses will be covered from multiple points of view. “We are living in an era where artificial intelligence and new technologies are no longer far away or uncommon. They already have various practical use cases”, Santala says. According to the intelligent business philosophy of SHIFT, intelligent business is defined by social impact, ethical and social sustainability, and profitability, all at the same time.

Contact Mia:

Mia Santala, Head of Sales
+358 50 400 3667