Our partner, Turku Game Lab, has developed an application and Escape Room that will raise your visit to Turku Castle to the next level. Also, they might make the match-making at SHIFT a bit more exciting.

Turku Game Lab’s new mobile application “Turku Castle in Your Hand” gives SHIFTers an opportunity to learn about the historical surroundings and to start a conversation based on the shared experiences. The application has two modes that are carefully designed to match the users’ expectations. In the tourist-mode, the app guides you through the castle allowing you to experience the historical facts interactively. Or if you will, you can solve problems in game mode.

Learning is based on the actual environment and the information presented in terms of relevance. To top up the experience, the app uses virtual reality elements to bring the cultural heritage to life. Learning about knights and stone walls has never been so fascinating.

For the ones seeking for even more thrills, Turku Game Lab has created an Escape Room in one of the many rooms in the castle. Searching for clues through a Virtual Reality headset while you are moving around in the medieval room certainly combines two extremities!

One aim of the whole project is to evoke new approaches in maintenance of cultural heritage. By introducing new technologies, visitors learn new things entertainingly and become more aware of the cultural heritage. The project is a great example of designing a platform that can be applied to any public institution or a sight by simply changing the content.

Turku Game Lab is a working environment shared by University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences which provides services in game education and development. The application is built by experts in the fields of programming, game design, graphics and animation, as well as linguists. The content is provided by the museum staff.

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