As part of our program in 2016, we invited Alessio De Marchi to do a short artist residency before and during SHIFT. Alessio is an Italian artist working on a project called ”WHAT WEEE ARE”

WHAT WEEE ARE is an ongoing multifaceted sociocultural multimedia project to raise awareness on the issues regarding technological waste and promote more responsible behavior in using and consuming raw materials. The project includes workshops, gathering and disassembling waste electronics all the way to the creation of sculptures and videos from such waste. Yet, the project is not only about art, the audience and volunteers will be able to experience the work involved first hand, receive valuable information from an international expert in the field and discover the artistic process of transforming waste into art.

The project invited anyone to volunteer, to help Alessio disassemble the electronics. In the process, they learnt about environmental issues related to waste electronics, and also took part in the creative process.

The residency took place in Werstas, a brand new co-working facility run by Turku Technology Properties from May 23rd to May 30th.

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