Free your inner ice hockey bro

SHIFT Business Festival will be organized at the Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki at Kupittaa on the 23rd and 24th of August. And we are excited to be organizing the biggest B2B event and after-party of the year at the heart of this thriving community! We asked CEO Mikko Lehtinen how he feels about community building, read more below!   


“As many of you know, I am a big ice hockey fan; some might even call me a hockey bro. As a child, my enthusiasm for ice hockey might have been too much for my parents, especially when the puck, against all odds, hit a precious crystal crown or that grandmother’s heirloom vase. Playing alone was fun, but it was even more fun to play in a team, especially if it was a strong opponent like Numpat born in 1975 from TPS in Turku and we won the game.

Real success is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve alone.

Adulthood is great because you can also get such kicks at work. Working life and hockey have one thing in common: real success is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve alone. No matter how good you are, you cannot attack, play the puck and be in the goal at the same time. Above all, it is more fun to celebrate a victory in a group than alone.

Joki’s network includes three hundred organizations ranging from biotechnology companies to restaurants.

At the turn of the year, Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki switched to a new gear keeping these experiences in mind. We expanded our network by including Turku Technology Properties’ office space customers in Joki’s business community. As a result, Joki’s network now includes three hundred organisations ranging from biotechnology companies to restaurants. You can meet both new and old acquaintances at Joki’s various events, which are now organised even more often.

So release your inner hockey bro and find your own team at Joki Forum or at Joki coffee breaks.”

Mikko Lehtinen
CEO of Turku Technology Properties and Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki



Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki:

Joki is a joint visitor center for the city of Turku and companies and universities in the Turku area. It functions as a showroom for business, innovations, and city development. Joki allows companies of all sizes to showcase their operations.

Joki is located at the heart of the Turku Science Park among businesses and universities. It is open on weekdays, which makes it easy for visitors to explore companies in the digital showroom and see various exhibitions.

Joki was designed by Arosuo Architects and opened its doors in 2017. Turku Science Park Ltd and the city of Turku are responsible for the exhibitions. The premises are owned by Turku Technology Properties Ltd.