Flowpark came into being when two buddies from Turku had an idea to combine values they considered important: a sporty way of life, outdoor life, kinship and doing things together as well as an ecological approach.

In 2007 Janne Kalhama was on a work trip in Austria and became familiar with local adventure parks.

  • There were a couple of ’two-piece costume architects’ with us, and they had slightly speaking a doubtful attitude towards the activity. The whole group, however, was enticed to come along to the adventure trails. It didn’t take very long when a shout was heard: ’We’ve never before done anything this much fun!’ this was described by Janne Kalhama, the owner of Flowpark, the King of Monkeys.
  • We are in continuous development. We operate our own parks; this means that it is only natural to test new ideas, and we receive feedback immediately from customers, says Kalhama.

The idea to import something like this to Finland was based on the reaction of the doubtful ones. The easiest alternative would have been to order the park from abroad. Kalhama, however, wanted to realize it by himself. This was the start of the several years’ long analysis and planning work, and as the outcome of it, the very first Flowpark was opened in Turku in 2010.

Solid know-how, based on practical experience: Live, climb and learn

From the very beginning, Flowpark has been self-planned, -built and -realized. We plan everything until the finish. Graphic planning, visualization and details make up the whole.

Attitude, creativity and enthusiasm created an entirely new kind of adventure amusement park concept where everyone has a chance to test his or her limits, to challenge him- or herself and to have fun amidst a sporty adventure.

Everything is based on safety, where the focus is on anticipation, planning, follow-up, practice and training. As a member of the Standard working committee, Flowpark is in close international co-operation with other operators of the field and has up-to-date safety know-how.

Thanks to the know-how obtained via work and courageous marketing, flowparking became an event term, and Flowpark a chain operating on the basis of a franchising model. After seven strong years of growth, Flowpark has become the market leader in Finland, a chain of six parks and the biggest adventure park operator in the Northern Europe.

Flowpark is a relatively small organization, and for that reason effective and flexible. It is easy to work with in a way that a particular situation requires and to get things done even with a tight schedule.

Goal is to exceed each customer’s expectations of excelling him- or herself and of challenges. And keep on growing, improving and evolving a modern kind of way to spend leisure time.First and last, to create flow spirit and to bring about attitude.

Flowpark was also present at SHIFT 2017 creating unforgettable experiences to festival goers.

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