The business being digitally mature means being able to act fast. It can be an ability to transform offering overnight or testing out new markets in the blink of an eye. The ability to act and adapt fast supports the company’s changes to survive sudden shocks and unexpected turns.


On stage
Tomi Neulanen, Digital Business Consultant, Sofokus
Hosted by
Lesley Jääskeläinen, Lux Unagency


Figuring out the digital maturity level of a business is a practical way to create a digital road map with clear goals and means to an end.

Making business smarter is a way to build an unfair advantage. Digital platforms typically act as a foundation for building more intelligent services. Gathering valuable data, leveraging AI or even simple rule-based mechanisms are typical examples of how organizations create superior user experiences. According to Sofokus’ way of thinking, making a business smarter means raising the digital maturity level of it.