We believe that future societal and economic development is dependent on our ability to see and understand the connections and relations between different sectors. The problem is that we are too sector-oriented and far too disciplinary oriented. What if we would change things around? What could be achieved by bringing people from different fields together? Would we perhaps accomplish more?


Our goal is to foster change, simply shift things around. Today, we are facing challenges unlike any we’ve faced before. Challenges that threaten the sustainability of the very foundations of our societies. That’s why The Shift focuses on the core sectors of a well-functioning society. These sectors are health, energy and learning. Traditionally these three different sectors are placed in separate silos, focusing solely on their own field. To our belief, however, our challenges are too great to be solved by one sector alone. We have to bring people with different kinds of skills and expertise together. Big challenges requires big solutions. No one has everything that’s needed to deal with the issues that we’re facing. In other words, we aim to abolish the silo-minded thinking.

At SHIFT we are going to encourage interaction and dialogue between participants. We offer various and surprising matchmaking forms so that participants can build long lasting relationships. We want ideas to be shared and we want new business opportunities to rise. We want amazement and inspiration. Amazement by learning from pioneers within their field, inspiration to start you own business or find a new business partnership.

That’s why SHIFT is an event for those of us who are willing to lead the change. We hope that you join us on this journey. It doesn’t matter if you are a scientist, a teacher, a startup, an investor or a company. We want you there. We have an amazing crew cooking up an extraordinary event for you. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it. We hope that years later, you can be the one bragging about how you attended the first SHIFT. Join us. Now.


In behalf of SHIFT crew,
Alexander Törnroth


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