Behind the SHIFT — experts are key in creating events in exceptional times


Behind the SHIFT — experts are key in creating events in exceptional times


Event production is one of the industries which has experienced a revolution over the past two years. According to Jussi Mäkelä, co-founder of Rajupaja, the change we have now seen is only scratching the surface of the destination this industry is heading in the coming years.

“In 2021 the SHIFT Business Festival was held as a hybrid event, meaning there were more traditional elements from previous events, but also a virtual side.”


Making a hybrid event is a surprisingly time-consuming job.


Rajupaja Oy has been in a good position during the change in the industry, having experience and expertise in organizing events in various forms – be it a live event, a virtual event, or a hybrid event:

“Our strengths have been the level of expertise and know-how in making our virtual video production, which has been one step ahead all along. It was very important to us to be able to offer the SHIFT a successful hybrid event as smoothly as possible.”

Rajupaja is one of the most trusted actors in the industry in the Turku area and, just recently, has gained a strong presence also in the capital area after a business acquisition, which makes Rajupaja one of the biggest players in the field. From a company perspective, it has been important to be prominently featured in the SHIFT. Presence at the event has signaled that this is a company that is much more than just an equipment supplier; a comprehensive service provider from whom you can expect quality events in any format.

“First of all, the SHIFT is a cool event that also invests in technology and the elegance of the content. We are proud that we have such an event here in Turku, which really cannot be compared to any other event. A unique and wonderful thing.”


There is a huge amount of passion and a lot of work behind the SHIFT.


“If there were no people in the background of the SHIFT who united these things, the festival would not be as magnificent and meaningful as it is today.”

So in which direction is event production going? Virtual events have surely come to stay. However, Jussi Mäkelä believes that festivals that play the role of a live event will become more and more meaningful entertainment. A hybrid caters to both audiences but is not a simple task to succeed in.

“The workload grows in a virtual event, but a hybrid event takes everything yet another step further. It’s not just streaming the event. It is neither cheaper nor easier to do. The same technicians are there, but there are more employees in video production than the director, just like in TV production. Live production forgives a little as an event; while virtual activity does not forgive anything – even small mistakes and inconveniences stand out and cannot be hidden. The same elements exist in making a hybrid event as in international class TV production.”

Hard but rewarding work

When it comes to entertainment, nothing can be compromised on workload and content. Even the smallest details affect the whole; for example, the graphic elements of a video work affect the whole a lot, not to mention the animations. These factors are independent of the industry; the same laws also apply to sports and other entertainment events, for example.

“When I look to the future, the first thing that comes to my mind is what the companies themselves want from future events. A truly quality event can be done by the company from its own office.”


Virtual events will continue to be big business for us in the future.


This year, the SHIFT is going back to live, reconnecting people physically, and at the same time offering keynotes streamed. Jussi Mäkelä sees the future of the SHIFT as full of opportunities, also for new, emerging experts.

“In addition to human connections and live experiences, the event is an opportunity to gain valuable experience and make valuable contacts. The SHIFT has always been a real showcase possibility for fresh and open-minded professionals in the event field. Over the years of making this festival, we have met many young, talented, and courageous experts who have been able to show their talent in the field while working side by side with us. This has led to more permanent jobs and career paths here at Rajupaja!”