SHIFT is encouraging visitors to arrive by bike or public transport. To make the journey smooth, SHIFT and Föli, Turku region public transport, are offering the visitors unlimited use of the bus rides on Wednesday 31st May.

In building the festival and after party areas SHIFT is collaborating with partners like Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (Waste Management in Southwest Finland) and Ekotori to use recycled materials. Naturally SHIFT is recycling its own waste, and supporting recently started plastic recycling by offering collection points for visitors and food providers at the event.

The choice to make between delicious food providers is difficult at the SHIFT. Nevertheless the aim is both on yummy and environmental-friendly food, serving local and seasonal ingredients.

The electricity used is produced by renewable energy sources.

SHIFT is always looking for new ways to improve its operation and cut down emissions, which is why SHIFT is an EcoCompass candidate. The audition for the certificate of the environmental management system takes place at the 2017 event. Furthermore SHIFT wishes to inspire the visitors to make sustainable choices, big and small ones. If you have an idea to make SHIFT even better or you are interested in collaboration, please contact Laura Luukkonen,

How can you participate?

  • Arrive by bike or public transport
  • Recycle your trash at the event
  • Choose vegetarian dish or food made from local ingredients