SHIFT Matchmaking Powered by Nordea

SHIFT has been designed to make meeting, and connecting with new people extremely easy. Open-minded people looking for unexpected business opportunities are everywhere, ready to wonder an art show together or just mingle over an ice cold mocca latte.


Like previous years, SHIFT will provide attendees with an exotic matchmaking spot at the old prison venue, and Brella matchmaking software to make screening other attendees and agreeing meetings extremely easy. This inspiring matchmaking experience will certainly be an encounter to remember with your new business friends.

The matchmaking program will open on May 8th, be sure to get your ticket before the deadline to get the most out of the matchmaking.




What Brella service has to offer?

+ Networking at events has never been this easy

+ Automated invitations for attendees and sponsors

+ Matchmaking based on business needs

+ Dedicated time and place for face-to-face meetings


What makes the SHIFT Matchmaking powered by Nordea better?

+ Exotic venue – former prison of Kakolan Lääni

+ Surprising and activating meeting spots

+ Participants across different industries

+ Connection to proactive business people



In a nutshell: With Brella you can set up a profile, browse others’ profiles and suggest one-on-one meetings in the former prison of Kakolan Lääni!


Explore extreme networking!


SHIFT Matchmaking with Brella made possible by Nordea.


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