SHIFT  was created for growing companies at all stages, from all industries. Your experience can be custom designed around your needs. Whether you are looking for customers, media exposure, investors or mentoring – we’ve got your back.

SHIFT pitching contest

The SHIFT pitching contest presents seed and early-stage companies to an audience. All applicants are screened by our investors. Semi-finals will be held on the first day and the epic finals will be held on day 2. Last year’s price was 10.000 euros – stay tuned for more information about this year’s competition and the Grand Prize!

Boardroom Challenge

In 2017 SHIFT announced something unique for the scale ups – the Boardroom Challenge.

What is the Boardroom Challenge?

Are you as an organization facing a specific challenge? Or do you simply want to do things better? Your hopes and challenges could be anything – we offer the solution by bringing you the Boardroom Challenge.

How does it work?

Your organization gets the chance to showcase your specific hope or challenge to the SHFT boardroom. The boardroom consists of thought leaders, people that have “done it” and rising stars. They will help with your issue, leaving you with concrete learning and the framework to succeed on your own. The Boardroom Challenge takes place on one of our main stages. Everybody can learn. Anybody can join. You are the star.

What could be suitable challenges or hopes?

You tell us! It could be anything from sales struggles to going international, attracting the right people, keeping your staff motivated or really anything. Starting a business is tough, let us help! You can apply by writing us a short story about your company the hopes you have and/or the challenges you face.

Please email if you want to showcase your case on stage and get useful insights from world known professionals – value that even money can’t buy!