15:00 pm - 17:00 pm


When & where: 29.8.2019 15:00–17:00 at Lindblom hall, Ruissalo

JCI Turku invites Jaycees around the world are meeting up again in the margins of SHIFT Business Festival.

How to become a change maker for Circular Economy?
Sustainability crisis affects us all. Climate change, overconsuming natural resources and biodiversity loss are global challenges. Come and join us in this session to go through how Circular Economy will help us address these challenges. International Business Skills Academy takes on the topic and discusses with industry-leading professionals how we can utilize existing materials, tools and technologies in creating a better future.

Samuli Tuomikoski, Head of Legal at Visma Legal, will be giving the opening words for the event. Samuli develops the company’s business and manages assignments. His areas of expertise include business law, resolving controversies, litigation and bankruptcy as well as corporate legal reorganisation.

The side event is free and open for all Jaycees and Senators. Remember to purchase your SHIFT festival ticket to enjoy the full festival experience.

SHIFT is a non-profit collaborative project that initiated from 4 local JCI chambers in Turku, Finland. At SHIFT, you will get glimpses of the future of business and get unexpected business opportunities and contacts, in an exotic setting of an old shipyard. Read more about SHIFTs jaycee background in SHIFT blog.

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