Book release: EXIT

Welcome to the official publication event of the book EXIT

EXIT is a book full of incredible success stories, deep insights, and never-before-published anecdotes. With 15 different accounts on Finnish entrepreneurship, EXIT is for everybody involved or interested in growing a business. Come and meet the authors and people behind these staggering stories. 


Anssi Kiviranta

Anssi has founded several successful journeys since 2000. He came up with an idea of a new kind of online tv-guide and lead the company from a zero to 1 million user online service. was acquired by Alma Media Oyj in 2008. Currently Anssi is involved in Bo LKV, a disruptive real estate company and a lifestyle brand he co-founded in 2015.

Matias Mäenpää

Matias is a strongly business focused professional, who has built a B2B service company from 800 000€ to 15 000 000€ in revenue. Until 2017, Matias was one of the owners before it was acquired by Visma. He continued as Managing Director till 2019 at the company. At present he´s focusing on angel investments and giving his experience in start-ups.

Meet people behind the stories

Come and hear the stories first hand from the people themselves. Audience has an opportunity to ask intriguing questions.

Eeva Kovanen

Eeva is a partner of Kovanen Capital and represents the second generation in the family owned investment company together with her sister Hanna. Kovanen Capital has its roots in Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy, the biggest full service transportation operator and the brand leader in Finland. The passenger transportation business was sold to Swedish Cabonline Group’s subsidiary Cabonline Finland Oy.

Mikko Nurminen

Mikko, who has founded Kotisivukone, exited the company to Fonecta. Mikko has also founded Pikkuyrittäjät, which is a non-profit organization teaching young kids to entrepreneurship. –

Tomi Pulkki

Tommi has founded HopLop, which is nationally known adventure park for active kids. Intera Partners partly acquired the company at 2015.

Noora Fagerström

Noora founded Jungle Juice Bar with her spouse and going through almost a bankruptcy scaled the business to more than 50 stores. Vaaka Partners partly acquired the company at 2017.