8:30 am - 19:00 pm


Multiple Locations

When & Where: 29.–31.8.2019, Multiple Locations in Turku

The Turku Europe Forum is a three-day event that runs simultaneously across different locations in Turku. This year, the Forum will see an upwards of 40 events during these three days.

The detailed schedules of the respective days can be found here.

Live streams:
You will find links to the Europe Forum Turku live streams on the day-specific programmes, under each discussion that will be streamed.

You may also participate in the discussions on social media or by downloading the Europe Forum Turku mobile application (application is in Finnish).

The event is free and open to everyone. Register and join us:
Registration for Europe Forum Turku (form in Finnish)

NOTE: The programme is in Finnish unless mentioned otherwise.
Official hashtags: #eurooppafoorumi #europeforum #turku
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Mayor, City of Turku