8:30 am - 12:00 pm


When & where: 30.8.–1.9.2019 at Turku ​​Art Hall

Design Time is a functional and participative exhibition that highlights design processes and cross-cutting design thinking in all areas of life.

The large exhibition space in the Turku Art Hall is built around a story that looks at the design and design processes extensively, and continues in a smaller space, focusing on supporting nature solutions.

The present design processes are projects of design companies in the Turku region that have sought solutions to delicious design problems. There is also an exhibition space integrated design training workshops for school children in Turku.

Designers/companies participating in the exhibition (list completed during the summer): Infinity Design, Belightful Design, Kurki Decoration & Textile Artist / Art Teacher Laura Isoniemi.

The Turku Art Hall opened in February 2019 in the heart of the Old Town of Turku, in the Old Town Hall. Founded on the initiative of the Free Field, the art hall is a living and diverse place for art sales, information exchange, encounters and creation, where artists, artists, townspeople, and tourists meet.

The exhibition DESIGN TIME will be produced on the morning of 30 August 2019 in connection with the exhibition. Speech about design. Opportunities for design to strengthen competitiveness.

The exhibition and the professional seminar will be produced by the New Design Association as part of the Turku Design Festival. The Design Time exhibition and the professional event are the events of the Alvar Aalto Week, the European Forum and SHIFT business festival.

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