20:00 pm - 22:00 pm


When & where: 28.8.2019 20:00–22:00 at Ranta-Kerttu, Turku

Welcome to Å Pitch after-pitch hosted by The Federation of Turku Enterprises!

We welcome everyone from Å Pitch, members of The Federation of Turku Enterprises and other entrepreneurs to Ranta-Kerttu on 28th August, around 20:00 and onwards.

During the evening:
– Greetings from The Federation of Turku Enterprises chairman of the board Jari Rastas
– Rewarding The Federation of Turku Enterprises winning pitch
– Ticket lottery of 2 SHIFT-tickets & welcome words by SHIFT CEO Mari Männistö
– Possibility to exchange your SHIFT ticket to the wristband 20:00–21:00.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is one of the largest organizations in Finland with around 110 000 member companies. This is a great chance to hear about how the organisation works and how you can gain from being a member.