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Nordic Circular Hotspot

The Nordic Circular Hotspot is your leading resource on the circular economy in the Nordics. On a mission to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, resource-efficient, regenerative and circular market in the Nordic region, the Nordic Circular Hotspot contributes in a meaningful way to:

  • Reinvent how the Nordics design, produce, and market products;
  • Rethink how the Nordics use and consume goods and services;
  • Redefine growth in the Nordics and what is possible through reuse, reduction, repairing, regeneration, and, most importantly, systems change.

Initiated during the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki in June 2019, the Nordic Circular Hotspot is at present run by a board of 10 funding partners from five Nordic countries plus The Netherlands. Each partner has extensive circularity experience, knowledge, and networks—locally, regionally, and internationally.

The Nordic Circular Hotspot seeks to collaborate with like-minded organisations, companies, and knowledge institutes in the Nordics and internationally.